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Templates by PMBOK® Guide Process Groups

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This page provides an overview the five PMBOK® Guide Project Management Process Groups and the individual project processes within each Process Group. These process groups are not meant by PMBOK to represent project life cycle phases, rather project management processes that may apply in each project life cycle phase as deemed necessary. Click on the Process Group to see how our associated guidelines, templates and examples map to the PMBOK® Guide Project Management Process Groups.

Initiating Process Group

  • Develop Project Charter
  • Identify Stakeholders
Purpose: Resources for project kick-off, project value assessment, and initial scope definition, which can be used at the beginning of a project, and at the beginning of a phase if desired, to ensure that the goals of the upcoming work are understood as the foundation for the work to follow and that work is authorized to start.

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Planning Process Group

  • Develop Project Management Plan
  • Plan Scope Management
  • Collect Requirements
  • Define Scope
  • Create Work Breakdown Structure
  • Plan Schedule Management
  • Define Activities
  • Sequence Activities
  • Estimate Activity Resources
  • Estimate Activity Durations
  • Develop Schedule
  • Plan Cost Management
  • Estimate Costs
  • Determine Budget
  • Plan Quality Management
  • Plan Human Resource Management
  • Plan Communications Management
  • Plan Risk Management
  • Identify Risks
  • Perform Qualitative Risk Analysis
  • Perform Quantitative Risk Analysis
  • Plan Risk Responses
  • Plan Procurement Management
  • Plan Stakeholder Management
Purpose: Resources for project scope definition and planning, and related activities necessary to estimate, budget and plan for project execution. Planning approaches can be used iteratively as necessary for the particular project.

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Executing Process Group

  • Direct and Manage Work
  • Perform Quality Assurance
  • Acquire Project Team
  • Develop Project Team
  • Manage Project Team
  • Manage Communications
  • Conduct Procurements
  • Manage Stakeholder Engagement
Purpose: Resources for obtaining a team, executing the work of the project, and integrating the work of people and other resources to carry out the project plan. Includes tools for quality assurance, communicating progress, and developing and managing the project team, stakeholders and sponsors.

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Monitoring and Controlling Process

  • Monitor and Control Project Work
  • Perform Integrated Change Control
  • Verify Scope
  • Control Scope
  • Control Schedule
  • Control Costs
  • Control Quality
  • Control Communications
  • Control Risks
  • Control Procurements
  • Control Stakeholder Engagement
Purpose: Resources for monitoring progress and reviewing content and quality of project deliverables, to ensure that project objectives are being met, performance is being reported, and project cost, schedule, quality, risk, and scope are being controlled.

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Closing Process Group

  • Close Project or Phase
  • Close Procurements
Purpose: Resources for gaining customer acceptance of project objectives and deliverables, and at the conclusion of major activities, phases, or the entire project, capturing lessons learned.

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