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Managing Software Projects

  • Agenda: Software Development Managers' Offsite Meeting
    Sample agenda and instructions for an offsite meeting to discuss improving management processes and approaches for a department.
  • Coding Review Guidelines
    Example of Code Review Guidelines, providing a look at the whole landscape of a good code review process, along with detailed checklists and forms for capturing what's found in the reviews.
  • Project Vision Example: Defining a Software Release Life Cycle
    A Project Vision document example from a medium-sized product development company that created a Software Release Life Cycle (SRLC) process to manage million lines-of-code software releases.
  • Software Bug Fix WBS
    WBS for an efficient but reasoned bug-fix project, which can be expanded for a minor enhancement or re-engineering effort or used as a checklist for small clean up projects. The included Word file provides an overview and explanation of the MS Project WBS.
  • Introduction to Software Release Trains
    Key requirements and suggestions for successfully implementing release trains, along with observations and indicators to help you decide if release trains are right for your organization.
  • Software Release Life Cycle WBS
    An MS Project work breakdown structure covering all 10 phases of the Software Release Life Cycle.
  • Software Application Development WBS
    This WBS and schedule example for a software application development project, includes detailed notes for new software PMs, as well as a phase-based WBS from team formation to post-project review.
  • Software Release Life Cycle Overview
    This is an overview of a Software Release Life Cycle (SRLC) targeted for software-heavy development environments, either pure software development or product development with a large software component. It's intended to emphasize the necessary process documentation without resorting to unnecessary bureaucratic overhead.
  • Software Release Life Cycle
    These files define recommended deliverables for the first 4 phases of a Software Release Life Cycle, focused on planning a major software release composed of multiple projects. The guidelines provide a one-to-two page detailed definition of each deliverable in the phase, defining Purpose, Audience, Prerequisites, Driver (who should drive or take responsibility for this deliverable getting done), and a detailed checklist of "recommended accomplishments" - what the deliverable should contain. These phases provide an upfront process that ensures all sources of requirements are considered, while helping cut through the clutter of all the things that COULD be included in a software release, to ensure the release focuses on important features and projects, AND is humanly possible to complete in the alotted time!
    Download Phase 1: Preliminary Requirements Gathering
    Download Phase 2: Scope Definition
    Download Phase 3: Planning and Negotiation
    Download Phase 4: Release Plan Refinement
  • Software Release Life Cycle Phase 5: Development Tracking
    Suggested deliverables (with 1-2 page descriptions of each) for the Development Tracking phase of a software release.
  • Software Release Life Cycle Phase 6: Integration
    Covers documents and activities needed to get all the parts, projects, sub-projects, modules, libraries, packages, etc. that are part of the release working together for the first time as a cohesive system.
  • Software Release Life Cycle Phase 7: System Test
    Defines documents, reports and activities needed while executing a series of tests with the primary purpose of fully exercising the software release being created.
  • Software Release Life Cycle Phase 8: Internal Testing (Alpha)
    Defines testing and review activities to run a software release through its final paces internally before being exposed to an external customer.
  • Software Release Life Cycle Phase 9: External Testing (Beta)
    Defines testing and review activities to exercise a software release in a "real world" environment at one or more customers.
  • Software Release Life Cycle Phase 10: Distribution
    Final close out phase of a software release project. Includes some final quality activities that make sure the release and derivative products are manufacture-able and replicate-able and includes a process improvement deliverable on Lessons Learned.
  • Software Release Manager Job Description
    Describes typical duties for a Software Release Manager. This person essentially acts as a "program manager" of a set of projects slated to come together in the release of a software system.
  • Project or Software Release One-Page Summary
    One-page format for communicating key information about a software release (or any other kind of project).
  • Software Release Team Member Glossary
    Defines all the roles that may be needed on a software release team and gives a summary of their responsibilities.
  • Software Requirements Specification
    Format for a Software Requirements Specification (SRS) document for a particular module or subsystem of software.
  • Software Unit Test Plan and Report Guidelines
    An overview of unit testing, step-by-step process guidelines, and sample documents for creating your own formal testing procedures.
  • Spiral/Iterative Project Phase Approach
    An example from an actual project of how to use an iterative, or spiral, development model along with time-boxing, to plan and execute a project.
  • WBS for Large Network Software Project
    WBS for a large-scale software project for a commercial data acquisition network; an example of a very thorough plan requiring many areas to change simultaneously before anything will work correctly again.
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