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Templates by Project Phase

PM Phases

This page provides an overview of how our project management templates are organized into typical project phases and the key activities in each. Click on a phase to see our project management templates for that phase.

Concept and Selection

  • Propose
  • Define
  • Evaluate
  • Select
  • Assign
  • Announce
Purpose: Evaluate a New Project Idea. Provide an orderly and efficient approach to suggesting, reviewing, and judging the merit of a new project idea before significant resources are committed to an official project, to ensure resources get allocated to only worthwhile projects.

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Initiation and Planning

  • Team Kickoff
  • Communicate
  • Scope
  • Requirements
  • Planning
  • Risks
  • Budgeting
  • Trade-offs
  • Commitment
Purpose: Define and Plan the project. Identify and kick off a cross-functional project team to define the detailed scope and requirements for the project; plan and estimate the work and costs involved; make trade-offs as necessary; and commit to an agreed-upon balance among scope, time (schedule), and costs that will meet customer and company goals.

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Execution and Approval

  • Design
  • Review, Test, Assess
  • Track Progress
  • Manage and Control
  • Communicate
  • Approve
Purpose: Create and assess the project's key deliverables. Perform cross-functional work and thoroughly review all deliverables as they are developed. Monitor project progress; deal with issues; and communicate to team, management, and stakeholders. Review and test deliverables and get customer feedback and approval.

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Delivery and Closeout

  • Release
  • Deploy
  • Capture Lessons
  • Close out
  • Celebrate
Purpose: Transfer the deliverables to customers and complete the project. Ensure the deliverables are ready to be deployed and the company is ready to support the customers. Then close out the project well by capturing lessons learned, celebrating success, handing off and archiving project materials, and releasing team members for other projects.

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