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Links to some of the best project management periodicals available today.

Title: Project Management Journal
Coverage: Broad range of project management subjects
Mission: To "provide information advancing the state of the art of the knowledge of project management." This magazine is a combination of research-based papers and practitioner case studies. It's one of the few places where you'll see math involved in descriptions of project management techniques; for example, how to apply learning curves to project estimates.
Journal: ISSN: 8756-9728; Published quarterly by Project Management Institute
Contact: 610.356-4600;

Title: Cutter IT Journal
Coverage: Broad range of software engineering and project management topics
Mission: According to the publisher, this magazine "covers the software scene, with particular emphasis on those events that will impact the careers of information technology professionals around the world." Pricy, but worth it. Ed Yourdan is the editor. Each monthly issue contains 5-10 practical, well-written invited articles on managing IT software development. Authors range from consultants to educators to practitioners. Monthly themes have included Peopleware, Computer Litigation, and Metrics. Example title: "Both Sides Always Lose: The Litigation of Software-Intensive Contracts." Back issues are available.
Journal: ISSN: 1048-5600; Published monthly by Cutter Information Corp.
Contact: 781-648-8702

Title: Fast Company
Coverage: Business management. Leadership and teambuilding
Mission: A hip, upbeat tome that brings management to the masses. All about techniques for speeding up the projects, operations, and progress of our enterprises. More of a business management focus, but occasional articles that are specifically project management, and a fair amount of attention to leadership and teambuilding. How-to articles by thought leaders and consultants, as well as stories from real companies. Example titles: "The WOW Project" by Tom Peters; "Learning for a Change" by Peter Senge. The tone is refreshing (but some find it wearing after a while). There are also discussion groups at the website and local groups of Fast Company readers who meet face to face.
Magazine: Published monthly by Fast Company Inc.
Contact: 800-688-1545; 303-604-1465

Title: IEEE Engineering Management Review
Coverage: Broad range of project management subjects including leadership, communication, risk management, scheduling, quality, teambuilding, product development processes, knowledge management.
Mission: This magazine reprints high-quality management articles from a variety of respected publications including the Harvard Business Review, Sloan Management Review, IEEE Software magazine, Project Management Journal, Communications of the ACM, the Academy of Management Review. Each issue is thematic, a favorite with subscribers since it makes it easy to use as a reference for information on particular management subjects. Quarterly issue themes have included project management, human resources management, quality management, innovation management. Example titles: "Another Look at How Toyota Integrates Product Development," "Learning from our Mistakes with Defect Causal Analysis," and "A Leadership Profile of American Project Managers." Members of the IEEE Engineering Management Society receive this publication as part of their annual membership. Non-member subscriptions are also available. The magazine is appropriate for project managers at all experience levels.
Journal: ISSN: 0360-8581; Published Quarterly by IEEE Engineering Management Society
Contact: 800-678-4333; 732-981-0060

Title: IEEE Software
Coverage: Scheduling, risk management, testing, design reviews
Mission: Stated mission is "Building the Community of Leading Software Practitioners." This magazine is aimed at software developers and managers of software development and software projects. While some articles are technical only, the magazine has great practical articles on management topics such as overcoming problems faced by rookie software project managers, writing contracts for hiring contract programmers, and analyzing software project failures for better performance next time.
Journal: ISSN: 0740-7459; Published Bimonthly by IEEE Computer Society
Contact: 714-821-8380

Title: Innovative Leader
Coverage: Leadership, motivation, communication
Mission: "To stimulate creativity and productivity." This is a 12-page newsletter that usually consists of one long article and several shorter article and columns. Example titles include "Keys to Effective Coaching" and "Understanding People for Enhanced Team Performance."
Journal: ISSN: 1092-2156; Published Monthly by Winston J. Brill
Contact: 608-231-6766

Title: Journal of Organizational Change Management
Coverage: Leadership, Implementing Project Management
Mission: Journal of Organizational Change Management offers detailed analysis and discussion on the philosophies and practices, which underpin successful organizational change. It seeks to help build more promising futures for the societies and organizations of tomorrow by publishing papers, which have been accepted after double-blind review.
Magazine: ISSN: 0953-4814 Published 6 times per year by Emerald Insight

Title: Leader to Leader
Coverage: Leadership; organization development
Mission: Wonderful high-quality brain food in a highly readable format. Thought provoking invited articles about leadership by recognized experts and well-regarded business executives. Example article titles: "The Leadership Advantage: What knowledge workers expect of their leaders" by Warren Bennis; "Sustaining the Ecology of Knowledge: What it takes to turn ideas into action" by John Seely Brown of Xerox Parc. While some of the content may seem most appropriate for executives, there are many articles that will provide project managers at any level with powerful insights into how they can provide critical leadership of the people involved in their projects.
Journal: ISSN: 1087-8149; Published quarterly by Drucker Foundation and Jossey-Bass Publishers
Contact: 888 378-2537;;

Title: Leadership in Action
Coverage: Leadership
Mission: Aims to help practicing leaders and those who train and develop practicing leaders by providing them with insights gained in the course of CCL's educational and research activities. It also aims to provide a forum for the exchange of information and ideas between practitioners and CCL staff and associates. An interesting 16-page newsletter that does a good job of bringing new thoughts and research on leadership into an approachable, short-read format. Example titles: "Choosing Leaders: A Team Approach for Executive Selection" based on research done with 494 executives by the Center for Creative Leadership. Aimed at mid- to upper-level management.
Journal: ISSN: 1093-6092; Published bimonthly by Center for Creative Leadership and Jossey-Bass Publishers
Contact: 888-378-2537; 415-433-1767

Title: PM Network
Coverage: Broad range of project management subjects
Mission: Facilitate the exchange of information among professionals in the field of project and program management, provide them with practical tools and techniques, and serve as a forum for discussion of emerging trends and issues. Practical magazine that includes articles, columns, and product announcements. Articles are written by either project management educators, consultants, or practitioners. Includes articles detailing projects from different industries. Lots of advertising by project management product and service providers. The magazine has content appropriate both to new project managers (basic skills-based articles) as well as experienced managers working to improve project management in their organizations. Example title: "Aussie Project Management: The Sydney 2000 Olympic Games." Selected articles are available on-line.
Journal: ISSN: 1040-8754; Published Monthly by Project Management Institute
Contact: 610 356-4600;

Title: Project Manager Today
Coverage: All project management skills and people management categories
Mission: Practical articles, columns, and product reviews. Includes advertisements for project management product and service providers, PM conferences, and educational offerings. Subscribers also get an Annual Software Review and Sourcebook. Example title: "RAD in action: speedy application delivery for a major transport company." Tools reviews in one issue included a timesheet system, a digital dictation recorder, a voice recognition system, a Mind Mapping course and two related software products.
Magazine: ISSN: Published 11 mo./year by Larchdrift Projects Ltd.
Contact: +44 (0) 118 976 1944

Title: Projects@Work
Coverage: Business and technology solutions for managing projects
Mission: Real-life information presented in case studies, articles, features and opinion columns. Includes special reports, product analysis, tools reviews and Q&A interviews. Free subscriptions to bi-weekly newsletter available on the web site at
Magazine: Online only. Previously ISSN: 1534-563X; Published 6 times per year by Imark Communications.
Contact: Sales: Alison Dermer, 612-926-8450
Editorial: Aaron Smith,

Title: Software Testing & Quality Engineering
Coverage: Quality, testing, design, requirements 
Mission: Highly practical magazine that includes articles, columns, and product announcements. Example article title: "User Centered Design: Incorporating users into the requirements and design phase" and "Tracking the Details: A step-by-step recipe for testing system, network, and Internet reporting systems." For those of us who realize how many project problems arise out of the details of good development processes that our teams may neglect, this magazine offers very usable "how-to" articles for your software design and test team members. Their masthead includes a group of people called the "practicality gauntlet"
Magazine: Published bimonthly by Software Quality Engineering Inc.
Contact: 904 278-0524;

Title: Today's Engineer
Coverage: Leadership, communication, risk management, scheduling, testing and reviews
Mission: NOTE: Today's Engineer is no longer available for subscription, and is being discontinued as a subscription-based publication after December 31, 2000. Click the "To Subscribe" link on their web site for details.

An award-winning, beautifully-produced magazine aimed at engineers and the people who manage them. The subject matter is all the non-technical aspects of an engineer's work, the non-technical things (like project management and business management!) that any technical professional should know to be a contributing team member and have a successful career. The magazine consists of very practical articles and columns on subjects such as risk management, communication skills, being a leader no matter what your position on the team. Each issue contains a pullout section on topics such as mentoring and decision making, designed for easy self-contained reference.
Magazine: ISSN: 1094-5444; Published quarterly by IEEE-USA
Contact: 202-785-0117

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