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Fast Tracks for Your Project Role

Your fast index to project management know-how specifically for your project role, to help you run your project, improve your organization, and more.

Business Analyst Fast Track View this Fast Track
Holy smokes! You've been anointed with the title of "business analyst" – and naturally, you're wondering "What next?" Or, even more shocking, you suddenly find that the business analysis duties for the project have been unceremoniously dumped on your desk, in addition to your regular duties. What's the best way to proceed?
New to Project Management Fast Track View this Fast Track
Congratulations! You've just been promoted to Project Manager. Or perhaps you've been doing it for a while and have just discovered that it's a discipline in its own right and that help may be available. You're looking for the basics to help plan a new project, keep your current project on track, or quickly assess a problem project and put effort into fixing the troubled areas.
Experienced Project Manager Fast Track View this Fast Track
You're a seasoned veteran who has worked on a number of projects. You've led one or more through the entire cycle of development and deployment. You're battle-scarred and have survived ad hoc development approaches. Now you want to apply this hard-earned experience to improving process and getting better project performance. You need tips, tools, and advice with credibility from peers who have been down the same roads you are now traveling.
Head of Project Management Office, Project Support Group, or Project Management Center of Excellence Fast Track View this Fast Track
You are responsible for multiple project managers and/or for the performance of project management in the organization. Your company has chartered this group to proactively ensure that project management is applied consistently and effectively across its many projects. You need expert resources and templates to help you efficiently monitor progress of all the organization's projects, provide PM training programs and coaching, facilitate knowledge sharing among project managers, and define the company's project management processes.
Technical or Cross-Functional Team Member Fast Track View this Fast Track
You're on project teams and you have lots to do. The success of the project depends on how you contribute. And you have important things to say about how the project should be run, what work should get done, and what your role should be. Here are resources to help you get your project job done, and help you contribute to the max to the success of the team. And resources to help you have your say!

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