How do I figure out where my time is going every day?

I can't ever seem to get all my project work done, but I believe I've estimated my important work tasks well. How do I figure out where my time is going every day?
Often our time is really getting used up by interruptions and less-than-important non-project work. The harder we work, the behinder we get. We might not always focus our efforts on the most important task, or unplanned project activities may consume our time. Our Time Management Assessment template provides a time log for helping busy project managers and team members watch where their precious time is going each day. It only takes a minute or two an hour to categorize your time and find out whether it's is being used appropriately on valuable project work; or is being eaten up by paperwork, interruptions, or other time-sinks that don't contribute to getting our projects done. If you know of other team members who feel they're always behind, their time may be getting sucked away by non-value-add work as well. This form will help you all see the time and task landscape of your days. Then you can take action to set priorities and be aware when your time is getting siphoned off to something non-value-added.

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