Interviews and Case Studies

This section is dedicated to getting hard-won real-world how-to into the hands of the rest of us. Each case details a project or organizational scenario, the challenges faced, what was at stake, and what those involved did to solve specific problems, implement new practices, or both. Each interview relays career anecdotes and first-person advice from experienced managers.

Projects and Programs

Case studies we're working on now:
  • Acknowledging trouble too late: An example of what it looks like when a project waits too long to make changes and pivot
  • Moving from stand-offs to trade-offs: How a team overcame a massive requirements deadlock with a savvy expression of project alternatives
  • Saving the project by throwing out the plan: How a troubled medical device software project totally reset itself and recovered by switching to iterative development mid-stream
  • Dealing with a disruptive technical team member: How a newer PM stumbled onto how to satisfy a vocally unhappy team member
  • The folly of compartmentalizing during project kickoff: How a multi-organization team resisted getting together early - and how they paid for that big-time later on
  • Countering heroism and burnout on an exhausted and distrustful team - what a dysfunctional team discovered about its real underlying issues


PMOs, Portfolio Management, Culture, Strategy, and More
Case studies we're working on now:
  • Adopting PM in a Congressional "start-up": How project management principles transformed a congressional office
  • Project-based organizational change: How organizing ad hoc teams enabled an enterprise financial software company to make big overall changes
  • Standardizing development processes after an acquisition: How 3 divisions came up with a common product development process without coming to blows
  • Implementing project processes early and real-time: How a small but fast-growing high tech company started early with defined product development processes
  • Growing project managers real-time: How a young company grew a cadre of technical project managers from the ground up
  • Credibility is in the eyes of the beholder: How a newly-hired PM blew his own credibility in the first two weeks
  • Getting going with resource planning: How a large IT shop acknowledged the resource madness and took a first step
  • Simple but meaningful portfolio management: How a biotech company got lost in its spreadsheets and learned to look for leverage points

Practical Knowledge Transfer for Professionals - An interview with Steve Trautman, author of Teach What You Know

Case Studies

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