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Project Kickoff Bundle

Project Kickoff
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This bundle provides practical tools and guidelines for launching your team so that everyone understands the project objectives and how their work fits. You need this Project Kickoff bundle if:

  • You are starting a new project and want to get the team off on the right foot - or you are on a project where people are confused about goals or having to re-do work due to changes.
  • You don't know what executives REALLY want from this project and want to find out before it's too late.
  • People you didn't even know cared about this project are coming out of the woodwork to ask for things… or you're afraid they're out there and a later ambush is highly possible.

This bundle covers critical inputs to any Project Kickoff, plus tools for getting your team and executives working together quickly and effectively to clarify project goals.

Fast results with practical tools

This bundle provides a convenient, immediate download of valuable project tools for an awesomely low price. You get model agendas, role guidelines, templates, and worksheets that will all help your projects get started off right and avoid confusion and costly surprises down the road.

Get It For Everyone!

Do you know of other teams that could use help with how they kick off projects? Better yet, do you want your whole organization to get better at starting projects? Contact us for licensing terms.

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