Manifesto for Agile Parenting

We own the serious responsibility of developing the leaders and parents of tomorrow. To best prepare our children for this new world we can only begin to understand, we have come to value:

Goals and Purpose over rules and processes

Release of Human Potential over conformity to preconceived outcomes

Compassionate Courage instead of convenient complacency

Practice and Progress over preaching perfection.

A Focus on the Environment over controlling behaviors.

We follow these principles:

Consistent traceability of practices to purposes assures integrity of word and deed. We practice what we preach and preach what we value, and our children observe this.

We recognize the uncertain nature of the environment in which we parent and our children live. We stay conscious enough to adapt to change while maintaining the goal.

Encouragement of curious exploration and reflective experience maintains consciousness at a level that can leverage possibilities.

Approaching situations with a sense of adventure and hope creates positive energy that builds self-esteem and respectful self-confidence.

Providing family members with open and honest communications.

Live a life of continuous self-reflection and have the strength to admit and accept the truth about ourselves.

Commitment to the right path, not just the easy path – acting with integrity.

We believe a safe and supportive environment is essential for practice that develops proficiency.

Action that is evidenced or experienced will always be understood more than ideas and words.

The visible results of practice are the primary measure of progress.

Give children the environment and support they need, and trust the behaviors will follow suit.

At regular intervals, focus on the family structure and psyche.

Tune and adjust both as needed, but no more.

About the Author

Geof LoryGeof Lory, PMP is a Partner for GTD Consulting, LLC, an information technology consulting and training firm based in St. Paul, Minn. Read his proposal for an Agile Parenting Manifesto here. This is a living, growing document, and Geof encourages you to send your comments and contributions by email to

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