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 FastRamp to Masterful Management of Risk
What don't you know about your project? In the face of competition and urgent business needs, it's our job to "go for it" as a team; sometimes we're even told outright to stop worrying and "just get it done." But whether it's willful or accidental, ignoring risk is the height of insanity. On the other hand, masterful and proactive management of risk and uncertainty by the entire team can save projects, save vacations, and enable teams to successfully take on even the most difficult projects. Two 90-minute sessions October 29th and 30th. 3 Category A PDUs.
 Documenting Project Assumptions and Constraints
A guideline and format for identifying, managing, and monitoring key assumptions and constraints that may affect your project. Both detailed guidelines and a basic template containing the most essential data elements are included. This format provided in this template can be used "as is" or modified to suit your organization and project environment. (Higher risk projects will require more robust treatment and vice versa.) You may prefer to log your project's assumptions and constraints in a spreadsheet, for easier filtering and sorting.
How-To Course for Premium Subscribers!
 Agile Methodologies: Overview of Feature-Driven Development
How-To Course Feature-Driven Development (FDD) is an iterative and incremental software development process aimed at delivering tangible, working software repeatedly. It is meant to allow bigger teams to still act in an agile manner. This mini-course by Kent McDonald reviews the philosophies, roles, and five basic activities of FDD and explains how they interact to create what some observers have described as a phase-based approach to Agile development. 1 PDU
Projectized Holiday Gift Shopping
If you're taking Carl's advice to heart, use Cinda's guide to holiday project planning to put your futures thinking to work. This seasonal (and only slightly silly) example of how project management frameworks and development processes can be tailored to provide benefits on any type of project. It's also a great way to explain the concepts of project management to new or reluctant project participants.
This Premium resource is free to registered Members until October 2, 2014
Change Control Form
Change Control Form "Just Enough" project management doesn't mean none at all. At some point, you still have to control for changes to the project plan and requirements. This form provides a low-overhead way to request and document changes to the project (e.g. adding new features) or to elements within the project (major specifications, for example). It includes fields for recording the impact of the proposed change on the project timeline, budget, etc., and on the components of the project deliverables.
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It's Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas! (And Valentine's Day ...)
Carl PritchardCarl Pritchard Halloween has not yet arrived, yet last night on a shopping trip with my lovely wife, I couldn't help but notice the Christmas display at a local fabric/craft store. I shook my head. And then I realized there were three people studying the merchandise in that aisle. Crazy? No! These people are the stuff project managers are made of! Read more »

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