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 FastRAMP™ to Masterful Management of Risk
What don't you know about your project? In the face of competition and urgent business needs, it's our job to "go for it" as a team; sometimes we're even told outright to stop worrying and "just get it done." But whether it's willful or accidental, ignoring risk is the height of insanity. On the other hand, masterful and proactive management of risk and uncertainty by the entire team can save projects, save vacations, and enable teams to successfully take on even the most difficult projects. Two 90-minute sessions October 29th and 30th. 3 Category A PDUs.
 FastRAMP™ to Managing Without Authority
Whose help, effort, or commitment do you need? And how do you get it when you have no authority? The answers lie in how you lead your team and orchestrate critical interactions at different project stages, coupled with how you leverage your personal credibility, business-savvy insights, and communication skills. Two 90-minute sessions November 5th and 7th. 3 Category A PDUs
 PMLight™ FastRAMP™ for Smaller Projects
Your small and/or short projects are important too, and deserve enough "management" to ensure that they successfully accomplish their goals -- without, of course, going too far. This focused, specialty FastRAMP™ provides a set of lightweight, less formal techniques specifically for smaller and/or shorter projects. It's a "just enough" approach that will make sense to everyone, even if they think this project is too small to need project management. Starts November 12. 6 Category A PDUs.
 Making a Huge Leap Forward after a Project Disaster
They had 18 months to pull off a revolutionary new product design and have it ready for a tradeshow, and their business was very literally on the line. One problem: The last project like this had taken four years. This mini-case explains how they pulled it off.
Late Cost Per Week Worksheet
Late Cost Per Week Late Cost Per Week is a concept teams can use to clarify the importance of the time or schedule aspect of a project. This simple worksheet will help your team discover and communicate your project's Late Cost Per Week, for use when deciding project scope and tradeoffs.
How-To Course for Premium Subscribers!
 Monitoring and Judging True Project Progress
How-To Course Percent complete can be useful, but it can also hide project issues instead of highlighting them. Worse, letting people report arbitrary percentages may provide cover for struggling vendors who are scrambling for resources or overloaded team members who are afraid to ask for help. This mini-course by Cinda Voegtli explains how to accurately gauge project progress by creating and monitoring well-defined milestone lists and tracking completion of tangible deliverables.
This Premium resource is free to registered Members until October 30, 2014
Sample Team Meeting Agenda
Sample Team Meeting Agenda You've heard us say many times that meetings should not be used to collect status. So what are they for? Glad you asked! Here's our take on the kind of thing that should be in your team meeting agenda. Want an even better take on it?
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Practice Compassionate Listening
Geof LoryGeof Lory Effective communication starts with effective listening. When it comes to communication that really matters, particularly fostering the relationships that lubricate good communications, distracted listening comes with a high price tag. Read more »

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